Mapping display services on the Parallel Track website are provided without charge to the Internet community at large. As such no guarantees are made regarding the constant availability of these services, and customers deploying units in the field are encouraged to configure position reporting to commercial / free 3rd party services / software provided by companies such as GpsGate or use their own systems.
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Providing a GPS (Global Positioning System) accurate web based tracking service, allowing you to quickly and easily find the location of your cars, vans, caravans online.


  • Multiple vehicle display.
  • History feature showing activity for previous days.
  • CSV / KML (Keyhole Markup Language) data export options (compatible with Google Earth).
  • PDA compatible (demo) live tracking (including Windows Mobile / Pocket PC).

For details on compatible hardware, please see the Parallel Trackbox or contact us for more information.

To begin tracking simply register for an account (see right panel), then add in your vehicle(s) on the configuration screen.

Systems Integrators / those looking to add in vehicle tracking to existing company front-end / backend business systems see Systems Integrators page for further information.

"The first thing that struck me about this GPS tracker is how simple the kit is to use" -- Spy Review

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