Mapping display services on the Parallel Track website are provided without charge to the Internet community at large. As such no guarantees are made regarding the constant availability of these services, and customers deploying units in the field are encouraged to configure position reporting to commercial / free 3rd party services / software provided by companies such as GpsGate or use their own systems.

Systems Integrators Information

The Parallel Track vehicle tracking solution is comprised of 3 parts:

  • Generic unit hardware purchased off the shelf.
  • Bespoke software written by Parallel Track providing unit position reporting functionality.
  • Website mapping display service accessible via a user login.

For those looking to create their own vehicle tracking solutions, or integrate vehicle tracking with existing company front-end / backend systems Parallel Track enables you to purchase low cost tracking hardware (see suppliers list below), then install client unit tracking software from Parallel Track turning the otherwise non functional hardware (similar to a PC without an operating system) into a full tracking solution which can be used as is with 3rd party software / services such as GpsGate or your business systems via any of the documented protocols available. Sample PHP code is also available which can be used as is on your website, or used as the basis of a bespoke development.

Software Features:

  • Position reporting via GPRS automatically or SMS on request.
  • Geo-Fence support (directly on the unit, save on GPRS data costs) - SMS alert on fence breach.
  • Simple to use Windows based configuration utility (no need to edit text files).
  • Configurable position send intervals (inc. position report bundling to save on connection overheads).
  • Unit configured to only transmit if movement is detected by default.
  • Support for HTTP POST based position reporting (no special server side socket handling required - if you can process standard form data you can receive updates from the unit).
  • Support for custom lower overhead UDP / TCP based position reporting protocols.
  • Support for GPS Gate server software TCP/UDP.
  • SIM card PIN support.
  • Quad band GSM support - configurable directly from GUI interface.
  • For those with requirements not covered above please email for a quote on custom development work.

The fully featured Trackbox software is available for £25.00 per license.


Parallel Track software is fully supported and tested on the Gate Tel EZ10 GPS, and Gate Tel EZ863 GPS for those simply interested in purchasing compatible hardware. It is also supported on the Telit GM862-GPS module, and Telit GE863-GPS module for those designing their own hardware.

The EZ10 GPS and EZ863 GPS hardware is available from a range of distributors:

Part Numbers:

EZ10 Quad Power Supply
EZ10 Quad Power Cable
ANT6006 (GPS Antenna)
ANTA7000A0200BD1 (GSM Antenna)

GAACZ-D(SMA) (GPS Antenna)
GSM-JC000 -RA Fixed right angle, 90mm (GSM Antenna)

M2M Platforms:
Power Supply AC/DC
Power Cable, Car Cigaret
Power Cable
GPS-GSM Antenna
GSM Antenna, Plug
GPS Antenna, SMA


Parallel Track is also looking for partners / distributors already supplying compatible hardware who are looking to offer extra value to their customers. i.e. software to turn otherwise non operational (without a development effort) hardware into a fully functional vehicle tracking solution. Demonstration software available, please email for details.

Alternate Software Loads

Geo-Fence SMS

For those more interested in knowing a vehicle is where it should be rather than constant live tracking (and the associated cost) an alternate Geo-Fence SMS software load is available, allowing for upto 10 areas/fences to be defined (lat/long/radius), and for an SMS message to be sent when those areas are either entered into, or exited out of. There is no ongoing running cost to using the unit, unless a geo-fence is breached (in which case the cost is that of a single SMS message). Management of the firmware is done entirely via the use of SMS "command" messages sent to the unit. Its envisioned use is ether by mobile phone, or perhaps those who build their own management software that can sent/receive SMS messages to/from the units automatically. [Download Command List]

Cell ID Collection

The Cell ID collection software is designed to allow simultaneous collection of GPS positions, GSM cell IDs, and other associated data. This collected data can then be used by devices without a GPS e.g. mobile telephones to triangulate their users approximate location. [Further details]