Mapping display services on the Parallel Track website are provided without charge to the Internet community at large. As such no guarantees are made regarding the constant availability of these services, and customers deploying units in the field are encouraged to configure position reporting to commercial / free 3rd party services / software provided by companies such as GpsGate or use their own systems.

If you do not require the complete solution, a unit software only license is also available for £25.00

The software is supplied in the form of a Windows ".exe" loader application. Simply connect the EZ10 GPS, EZ863 GPS, GM862-GPS, GE863-GPS or other compatible device via serial, then run the application, and it will automatically install (note the loader only is supplied, not the source code).

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Click the "Buy Now" button to purchase using PayPal or credit/debit card online. If you are unable to pay online using PayPal or a credit/debit card Visa, Switch, Solo, MasterCard, Discover, American Express can be accepted over the phone, please email stating the quantity you would like to order, along with your address, and contact phone number.

Note: The loader application is supplied with a non transferable license for use on a single GM862-GPS. It requires a default install of Firmware version GM862-GPS 7.02.404 or GE863-GPS 07.02.704, if you have an outdated version the loader will pop up with a warning message (please email for support).