Mapping display services on the Parallel Track website are provided without charge to the Internet community at large. As such no guarantees are made regarding the constant availability of these services, and customers deploying units in the field are encouraged to configure position reporting to commercial / free 3rd party services / software provided by companies such as GpsGate or use their own systems.

The Trackbox is built around a client / server architecture. The tracker unit (client) sends back its position to a central web service (server) at regular intervals.

Trackbox Configuration Software

Tracker Configuration application screenshot

Features the following options:

  • Set GPRS SIM card details (gateway / username / password).
  • Change the web service where the tracker unit sends positions. This could be the Parallel Track website (which has the ability to view the current / archived positions), or your own website directly either running the sample code provided or a bespoke application.

  • Adjust the interval at which positions are sent for either greater accuracy, or lower SIM card data transfer (GPRS) costs.

A standard serial cable is required to connect the tracker unit to your PC. If your PC does not have a serial port, a USB to serial converter may be required. An FTDI chipset converter is recommended, others makes may be unreliable.

[Download] Please note the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 is required to run this application.

Trackbox Firmware Updates

Firmware updates are available on request via email.

When requesting a firmware update please state the IMEI number of the tracker unit, and current firmware version as provided on purchase. If you do not have these please state your address / approximate time of purchase.

Current Version: 16

Available Updates:

  • Version 17 - New Features: Support for using the EZ863-GPS movement sensor to turn off the GPS when not required, saving additional battery power, support for a storing upto 360 positions in memory when out of GSM range.
  • Version 16 - New Features: Additional hardware support (GE863-GPS / EZ863 GPS), request Google maps link of current unit position via SMS.
  • Version 15 - Feature Change: SMS geo-fence breach notifications are now only send on the initial fence breach, rather than every hour. Additionally a message will be sent when the fence breach is cleared (fence area entered back into).
  • Version 14 - New Feature: SIM Pin No. support added.
  • Version 13 - Re-release of version 12a, no changes made.
  • Version 12a - Bug Fixes: Resolves a reliability issue where this units may stop responding after a certain period of time.
  • Version 12-beta - New Features: Sequential updating of versions firmware no longer required, user selectable cellular network band support added. Bug Fixes: Unit was relying on server to close socket connections.
  • Version 10-beta to 11-beta - GPSGate TCP support added. TCP based support for GPSGate allows for more reliable position reports when using the GPSGate software. Option added to allow for position reports to be sent when unit is not moving (mainly suitable for testing / custom server software development).
  • Version 9-beta to 10-beta - Geo-fence support added (SMS sent to preset number when specified radius from latitude, longitude position is breached).
  • Version 8-beta to 9-beta - TBP support (Trackbox custom TCP protocol) enabled. TBP does not have the overhead of HTTP.
  • Version 7 to version 8-beta - Support added for the GPSGate protocol (i.e. BuddyTracker, VehicleTracker applications).
  • Version 6/6a to version 7 - Bug Fixes: Stopping position may have previously not always been recorded, non transmitted position history may have been lost after 12 hours. New Features: Separate user settable position save/send interval, reduced minimum position save interval time (20 seconds, was previously 1 minute), on GPRS connection failure position report sending will be retried twice at specified send interval, and every 12 hours after that.
  • Version 6 to version 6a - Update increases vehicle movement detection threshold reducing the risk of positions being reported when the vehicle is not moving in areas of / at times of poor satellite coverage.

Please note the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 is required to run the firmware update application.

Trackbox Protocol Specification

Protocol specification designed to allow developers / systems integrators to write their own applications capable of accepting position reports from the Trackbox.


Web Position Reporting Sample Code

Google Maps API sample application screenshot

Sample code based on the Google Maps API which can be uploaded to your existing website (PHP 4/5 support required) to display your current position, or used as the basis to create a bespoke position reporting / logging application.


[Download] (Microsoft Virtual Earth version)

Degrees, Minutes, Seconds to Decimal Latitude, Longitude Converter

Degrees, Minutes, Seconds to Decimal Latitude, Longitude Converter Screenshot

A standalone HTML / JavaScript based web page to convert Latitude, Longitude obtained from the tracker unit to a format suitable for online mapping providers such as Google Maps, and Multimap.


Geo-Fence Coordinate Finder

Geo-Fence Coordinate Finder Screenshot

A standalone HTML / JavaScript based web page suitable for easily finding coordinates / radius for use in the Trackbox configuraion software when setting up Geo-fence functionality. i.e. SMS alert when unit moves outside designated area.